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Types Of Screen Printing...

Plastisol Inks

Most standard type of screen printing. We use traditional ecofriendly inks. We have the capability of printing six colors on ALL garments & our standard prints are printed almost exclusively using phthalate free plastisol inks. These inks are manufactured to be the safest plastisol inks on the market.


Discharge Inks

Unlike regular inks, discharge inks penetrate the fabric and removes the dye from the garment, leaving your design in its place. Printing with discharge inks offers an extremely soft hand on dark shirts, ultimately having no feel at all once washed. For print technique standard discharge (off-white/cream in color) as well as pigment colored inks a type of printing requires 100% cotton garments, and looks especially good with distressed or vintage art. This premium process can be confusing to understand, but feel free to give us a call so we can help explain it to you personally. Contact us today to get a quote on this specialty printing


Metallic and Textured Ink

Want to add some pop to your shirt? We offer many colors of metallic inks... most common is gold and silver as well as puff and suede ink to give it some texture and feel. Contact us for pricing!


Water Based Screen Printing

If you want a super soft, breathable, ultra wearable printed piece of apparel that is more of a piece of art than it is a t-shirt, water based ink is the way to go. Water based ink prints an incredibly soft, smooth, breathable image which literally cannot be felt on the shirt. We have completely dedicated ourselves to water based craft because of the comfort and wear ability it gives custom printed shirts works best on light color garments for dark color garments see discharge printing.